Felice Lovisco, Figura nel vento (dettaglio)

Art in two minutes was born to tell the history of art in short two-minute articles: art pills to be taken at least once a day.

Why this blog?

This blog was born because I believe that it is art, music and awareness of our history that nourish the soul, but I also believe that time and attention often cannot be dedicated to what we love most. That’s why I chose a quick formula to summarize in 10 points (or two minutes) fascinating stories that we all should know. I am convinced that simplicity is the nectar that nourishes passion.

In 2015, I founded the Italian blog Due Minuti di Arte, from which this blog draws inspiration

What’s on the blog?

The blog is organized in three sections:

ARTISTS: This is the main section of the site. This is where I tell the life of the artists who have left a mark on the history of art, because I believe that knowing the stories of the men and women who hide behind a work helps to look at it with different, more aware eyes.

ARTWORKS: Works of art selected on the basis of a theme or on the basis of an event. It is a way to tell stories and curiosities of universal masterpieces.

ART MOVEMENTS: In this section you will find the artistic currents that have marked the history of art over the centuries.

Who writes the blog?

My name is Marco Lovisco: I’m a journalist and web content specialist. I live in Italy, in Trentino, and I write for As a journalist I collaborate with the Italian Touring Club, and I am editor in chief of the quarterly of art “Sineresi. Il diritto di essere eretici”.

I am part of the team of Arternative, a startup that is committed to disseminating art through technology and storytelling.

My father is a sculptor and a painter (what you see above is a detail of one of his works), so I spent the sweetest years of my life among canvases, brushes and easels. I have never learned to paint, nor to sculpt, but I love getting lost in a painting, imagining what it hides and discovering its history.

I decided to share what I know about artists, works of art and artistic currents, telling them in two minutes because, even if time runs out, I am convinced that beauty will save the world.

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